Ethical guidelines

Heatco Code of Ethics

Heatco Finland Oy is a company that builds sustainable development by offering progressive complete solutions and new operating models in HVAC technology. We have agreed upon values that guide the entire company’s activity. This value base provides the conditions for business success and achievement of strategic objectives.

Values guiding our operations

  • Progressiveness

    Everything can always be done a little better. We are constantly looking for new solutions and developing existing operating models.

  • Healthiness

    We work hard to promote the well-being and health of homes, people, workers, and corporate finance.

  • Goal orientation

    We are building a better environment for growth and productive business. The success of our customers is our success.

  • Willingness to serve

    We treat our customers as individuals and serve them in the best possible way. This is how we operate.

Business principles

At Heatco, we follow the law and do not make compromises or solutions that do not comply with the law or the spirit or other provisions required by law.

At Heatco, we operate fairly and do not accept unethical business practices regardless of circumstances. We value competition and our competitors’ achievements! We want to grow stronger through genuine competition and real value-added factors. We support and accept fair competition, even if we lose.

At Heatco, we emphasize environmental values and labour law issues. We want to set an example and encourage everyone to address the shortcomings noticed.

At Heatco, employees shall not directly or indirectly accept any gifts, bribes, subsidies or other benefits that go beyond normal hospitality. Heatco’s hospitality is always conventional.

At Heatco, the internal and external communication is open, honest and respectful of the other party. We write and speak appreciatively about our suppliers, competitors, co-workers and other stakeholders. We give feedback in an uplifting and constructive manner, avoiding negativity and disrespect.

At Heatco, everyone has the same opportunities and rights, regardless of ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual orientation, religion, political opinion, nationality, or social status.

At Heatco, we value goods suppliers, financiers and other co-operation partners. We always keep our agreements and promises. We build long-term partnerships based on trust and the win-win principle, and we never look for loopholes in agreements to pursue our own interests.

At Heatco, we require honest action from all of our partners and customers – for example, our products are to be marketed based on their true strengths and real arguments.

Responsibility of the company and the personnel

The company’s management and entire personnel are responsible for ensuring that these guidelines and principles are complied with in the company.

We want to take responsibility for our products and services at all stages, from design to the end of the real estate’s life cycle. We design solutions in line with sustainable development and progressive values. During the construction stage, we work efficiently and purposefully, employing high-quality and sustainable solutions. We take part in the life cycle stage, providing consulting and maintenance services to our customers and end users.



We monitor the compliance with our values and ethical principles in different areas. The management, team leaders, and the entire personnel are responsible for this. We maintain a confidential company manual for in-house use, which provides more detailed instructions and advice on procedures agreed.