Heatco as a workplace

Heatco as an Employer

Heatco offers its employees an innovative and progressive working environment in an industry craving for some shaking and progressive thinking.



The career has developed alongside Heatco

Matti Rantanen: HVAC Designer

Matti started at Heatco as an HVAC designer in 2011; since then, his career has developed in consonance with Heatco.

“At first, I was involved in detached house design. At the time, I was quite often also responsible for packaging of the products to be delivered to the work site,” Matti says laughingly.

The No. 1 link for customers!

Nestori Naukkarinen: Account Manager

Nestori’s working days pass in close co-operation with the customers, and he feels more like a customer relations representative than a technical salesperson. No specific titles are used in Heatco’s customer service team; instead, the area of ​​operation is multidimensional: salespeople manage stakeholder relations, provide customers with technical support and participate in warehousing logistics.