HVAC planner Matti Rantanen

The career has developed alongside Heatco

Matti Rantanen: HVAC Designer

Matti started at Heatco as an HVAC designer in 2011; since then, his career has developed in consonance with Heatco.

“At first, I was involved in detached house design. At the time, I was quite often also responsible for packaging of the products to be delivered to the work site,” Matti says laughingly.

As experience accumulated, Matti moved on to the design of terraced and apartment buildings, as well as to larger projects for construction of entire areas. Heatco’s sites grew as well, as did the company’s product range; today, dedicated experts are handling logistics.

Customer service representative, consultant, developer

A designer does much more than just drawing. The job also involves customer meetings, offer calculations, consulting, and supervision.

“For me, the possibility to witness the entire process from design to installation is the most rewarding. It feels good to see with my own eyes that the pipes are where I designed them and that the family living in the building is happy.”

Challenging his own skills and pushing the envelope also drive him forward. Difficult moments boost professional skills. In addition, Matti enjoys involvement in business development projects aimed at optimisation of HVAC costs, for example.

Our youthful team is looking for new solutions

Heatco boasts a youthful, committed and close-knit team of like-minded designers, some of whom have known each other since their studies.

“We have ample enthusiasm for developing new solutions that improve the installability of products, for example. We like to look at things from new angles and challenge old ways of thinking.”

Flexible working hours leave room for family life

Matti has two small children, which means that flexible working hours come handy indeed.

“Sure, working longer hours is possible, should this be required, but as a new father, I have noticed that getting things done efficiently by 4 PM is becoming more important. In connection with this, I have learned to prioritize my tasks, which means that there is no more futile idling and I can calmly focus on other things in my free time.”

In-house co-operation

Whenever required, encouraging assistance is available at Heatco across team boundaries. The threshold for asking help is low, and the entire crew supports new employees. This strengthens the connection between the teams.

“Jani Kurkela, the head of the design team, is my closest colleague; with him, we solve the most challenging tasks. In addition, information is being shared openly between offices and teams. For example, Nestori Naukkarinen, our salesperson, is very interested in the technical side of the field, and he challenges us as the designers to explain him why things are done one way or another. This brings out new perspectives.”

Heatco’s team spirit is excellent indeed; many colleagues also spend their free time together.