Heatco CGS Standard

Heatco CGS Standard (HCGS)

Heatco uses its own eco-label, the Heatco CGS Standard (HCGS), which describes the company’s values and operations. Choices and decisions take a greener tomorrow holistically into account.


The background of the eco-label derives from the sustainable and environmentally friendly promotion of construction and the choices of the company’s internal operations.

It is important for Heatco to act responsibly.

  • Technical solutions of properties support the health of people, buildings and the environment.
  • The origin, manufacturing methods, development and environmental friendliness of the products support sustainable development.
  • People’s well-being is part of the operating environment.
“Our development and approach is progressive, which uncompromisingly meets the need for more responsible operations in the future”.

Heatco’s 10 steps to sustainable and responsible operations

Better environment

A holistic approach to construction reduces the environmental impact. The design, construction and life cycle phases are significant in terms of environmental impact. Environmentally conscious design enables better quality, minimises logistics and enhances work efficiency during the construction phase. The choices made during the design and construction phase therefore determine the property’s environmental impact in a life cycle assessment. By our own example, we encourage our customers to build in a responsible way and to focus on life-cycle thinking.

A sustainable work community

Heatco’s mission of “healthy people in healthy spaces” leads to a sustainable and long-term personnel policy. Values ​​and operating culture are built through joint action. Heatco has a culture that values ​​colleagues, partners, and the environment. A sustainable work community is a significant resource for conducting responsible business, where people as individuals and all together can be part of the mission.

A lasting partnership

We build and look for partnerships that, through their position or example, promote environmentally conscious construction. We require our partners to take a responsible approach to the environmental impact of production. Together with manufacturers, we develop product solutions aimed at sustainable construction, with the goal of the longest possible life cycle. Long-term partnerships enable high-quality and advanced operations that can benefit our customers and property users.

Better indoor climate

Our products and complete air handling systems consider indoor climate conditions and requirements. A good indoor climate promotes the health of people and properties. Through design and carefully selected, life-cycle-proof and high-quality products, Heatco can make an impact on indoor air quality. We are promoting a development in which CO2 emissions are reduced and refrigerants that are harmful to the climate are replaced by natural refrigerants.

Cleaner water

Through design and product development, we influence the environmental emissions of people and properties by improving water treatment and reducing its consumption. More optimized use of clean water reduces the load on rivers, lakes and other water bodies and the rest of the environment. We promote technologies where cooling and heating energy of water is produced in an environmentally friendly way. We also promote the protection and rehabilitation of inland waters through donations.

Ecological energy

Heating method choices affect the environment locally and globally. We prefer energy-saving heating and cooling solutions. Ecological energy is generated during the life cycle phase, which takes into account the production, distribution and recycling of the energy needed by the entire property and the user. We promote measures to reduce the use of fossil fuels as quickly as possible. With our choices, we reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the risk of environmental damage.


Technical solutions of the life cycle model

Traditional construction activities have focused on fast and cost-effective construction, where environmental impact assessments are carried out by an external contractor. We promote a change in practices where environmental impacts are automatically part of the design and various stages of construction. With design solutions, high-quality technical system choices and the development of work quality, we extend the life cycle of buildings.

Industry development

We strive to gather information about construction and use it to streamline the operations of the various stages of construction. With choices made at the design stage, we can reduce logistics costs and extra passenger traffic in different work phases. We are investing resources in digitization, through which the enrichment and compilation of information, even before the construction phase, is automated. Digitization makes it easy to gather all the information needed for construction. This creates a platform for reforming conservative models across the industry.

Logistical efficiency

The burden on the environment can also be minimized by reducing the unnecessary logistics of products. Multiple pick-up stores cause construction and HVAC contractors to drive small volumes of cargo between the site and the pick-up points in addition to normal logistics. Heatco strives for a single delivery model in which as many supplies as possible are moved with the smallest possible mileage. Heatco has 2 warehouses, which aim to deliver the maximum amount of supplies directly to construction sites with one shipment.

Small – big deeds

We encourage staff and company decisions to make environmentally friendly solutions, in small and large choices. In the company’s own energy consumption, special attention has been paid to life cycle costs and environmental factors. In the built premises, we utilize the sun for electricity generation, the cooling is raised from the bedrock and the heat is collected from the bedrock. The electricity consumption of the head office that has a warehouse too, is only about 6,500 kilowatt hours / 100m2 of warm space and this includes heating, cooling, operating electricity and internal logistics equipment. About 30 percent of this consumption is produced self-sufficiently in solar energy.

Ethical guidelines

The emphasis on environmental values ​​is part of Heatco’s ethical guidelines.
See Heatcon’s ethical guidelines here.

Ministry of the Environment building regulations

We ensure that the HVAC technology solutions provided to the customer are legal and comply with construction regulations.

In Jyväskylä 11.9.2019

Jari Kirsilä
Managing director