Our story

The story of Heatco began from the realisation that things can also be done differently

Sauli, a second-generation HVAC contractor, began questioning the industry’s old and cumbersome operating models: Why on earth in this digitalisation and globalisation era are the purchases of supplies so difficult and complicated, eating up valuable time that could be spent on work? Why wasn’t the plumber performing the job he is qualified to do in that time?

It was time to make a change. Sauli wanted to create a service to alleviate the workload of HVAC professionals and to reform the traditional thinking patterns in the industry. Today, Heatco is one of the only HVAC companies in Finland to both design and resell HVAC products to construction companies, HVAC contractors and consumers. The specialty of Heatco lies in the fact that things can also be done differently. A piece of service at a time, Heatco makes the everyday lives of contractors easier, streamlines the projects of construction companies and offers consumers a fair partner who is genuinely interested in individual solutions for small construction.