For planner

Flexit and Enerline Cads Planner in Hepac and Magicad software

MagiCAD plugin

A plugin for MagiCAD software can be found for Flexit IV machines

Lataa MagiCAD Plugin Flexit iv-koneille

CADS Planner Hepac

CADS Planner Hepac includes all Enerline and Flexit products from version 16, as well as Kerm’s profiled radiators.


Contact details of the responsible persons.

Contact information for those responsible for the design segments

  • Small properties and the house industry

    Olli-Pekka Marin
    Puh. +358 40 500 9024

  • Commercial premises and service construction as well as Demanding properties

    Jani Kurkela
    Puh. +358 40 801 0731

  • Housing production

    Timo Marin
    Puh. +358 44 720 9052

  • Renovation construction

    Jani Kurkela
    Puh. +358 40 801 0731