HVAC planning

Heatco is a nationwide HVAC engineering office.

We annually carry out HVAC design for more than a thousand projects, including for housing production and construction as a service projects, housing industry, renovation, and demanding or exceptionally demanding sites.

Heatco’s customer-focused and professional design team is a reliable partner for various construction projects. We carefully consider the requirements established for each site and the individual wishes of the customer. The reliability and user-friendliness of HVAC technology, as well as life cycle thinking guide our operations.

The service-mindedness of our design team and good accessibility have garnered a lot of praise from our customers. Our team’s extensive experience in various HVAC design projects for building services engineering also enables taking on large real estate complexes. Take a closer look at our design segments below.

Our design team has been divided into segments based on the site types.


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Heatcon LVI suunnittelu - Valokuvaaja Maarit LahikainenOur client relationships and good accessibility are our most valuable asset.

The desing team’s extensive experience in various building technology HVAC planning projects also enables large real estate complexes. Find out more about our design segments below.

Our design team is divided into segments according to target types.

Individual and need-based HAVC design solutions.

We do HVAC planning from small houses to apartment buildings and from industrial buildings to commercial properties.

Housing production

On the housing production side, we carefully consider the developer’s wishes regarding HVAC design – regardless of the target type. Our expert and service-oriented design team listens to the customer with a sensitive ear, and is in regular contact with the customer during the project. HVAC plans for townhouses and terraced houses, apartment buildings and regional construction sites.

Small real estate and home industry

In the HVAC design of small properties and the building industry, we look for and propose solutions that are suitable for your location – cost-effectively and taking into account your individual needs. HVAC plans and energy certificates for holiday construction, detached houses, prefabricated houses and small properties to be repaired.

Business premises and service construction

Our customer-oriented and professional design team is a reliable partner for various service construction projects. HVAC plans for commercial, service, and facility construction sites in all size categories. We offer also HVAC plans for exceptionally demanding projects.

Repair construction

In repair construction, we professionally manage the HVAC design of objects of all sizes. Our typical customers have been construction companies, HVAC contractors and housing associations. Line renovations, changes of purpose, traditional HVAC plans for small and large renovation construction sites. HVAC monitoring, HVAC consulting, project management are also included in the services.

Demanding  projects

Our designers’ extensive experience in various building engineering design projects enables high-quality and innovative HVAC design for even the most demanding sites. Items required for LVI FISE AA qualification.

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