Hardware stores and wholesalers

Turnover rate and correct product choices

As goods suppliers, we know our products thoroughly and keep a close eye on the development of the HVAC industry. We want to share our data with our hardware customers. We offer price comparisons, monitor product turnover rates and seasons, and provide detailed proposals for developing and selling the product range.

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Contact me! I am responsible for our services for wholesalers and hardware stores!

Pekka Aaltonen Tuotehallintavastaava Puh. +358 40 072 1802 pekka.aaltonen@heatco.fi

  • Design

    Individual and functional HVAC design solutions..

  •  Quantity calculations

    Timesaving quantity calculations and sales optimisation.

  • Supplies deliveries

    Quick deliveries without calculations and pick-ups, directly to work site for specific work stages.