Eko drainage pipes

Rotomon underdrainage pipes known for their ecological and economic benefits are made of UV-protected HDPE. Their inner layer consists of blended premium quality recycled plastics. Green pipes of size range 50-100mm belong to the strength class SN 8, black pipes of size range 125-160mm to SN 4. Owing to their corrugated profile, the pipes are flexible, while having good ring stiffness. The pipes are provided with a long sand-tight extension sleeve and are suitable for drainage of fields and green areas. The necessary fittings are available for the pipes.

Since HDPE is used as the raw material for the pipes, the pipes are:

  • recyclable
  • environment-friendly – pipe waste can be incinerated with energy waste, for example
  • good shock resistance, no embrittlement or hardening
  • also function well in winter conditions
  • good chemical resistance
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Product info

coil: In flexible portfolios:
EKO 50 x 100m SN8
EKO 50 x 200m SN8
EKO 65 x 100 m SN 8
EKO 65 x 150 m SN 8
EKO 80 x 70 m SN 8
EKO 80 x 100 m SN 8
EKO 100 x 50 m SN 8
EKO 100 x 100 m SN 8
EKO 125 x 50 m SN 4
EKO 160 x 25 m SN 4
EKO 65 x 5 m  (20 pcs/ bunch)
EKO 80 x 5 m  (10 pcs/bunch

EKO 100 x 5 m (7 pcs/ bunch)