State-of-the-art design, infrared heating

Elveo radiators combine state-of-the-art design with practical power consumption and pleasant infrared heating. Infrared radiation feels like warm sunshine, directly affecting the human body and all other surfaces. Short heating cycles and even heat distribution give an enjoyable feeling of warmth. The distribution of air and spread of dust is minimized, which makes the infrared radiator particularly allergy-friendly.

Owing to its front panel made of white or black single-framed safety glass and high-quality aluminium frame, Elveo stands out as a design product in every room. Installation very close to the wall emphasizes perfect integration into the design of the room.


Pyydä tarjous


Sizes vertically             1000 x 600mm

1500 x 600mm

Sizes horizontal            600 x 1000mm

600 x 1500mm

Deep                                         30mm