Flexit CL2

Heatco Finland Oy has introduced to the Finnish market the new, extra low Flexit CL2 air handling unit. The CL2 is equipped with highly energy efficient rotary wheel-type heat exchanger (recovery system) and energy-efficient fans.

CL2 has been developed especially with small apartments and terraced houses in mind. The unit is very low and thus particularly suitable for ceiling installation, and its compact design facilitates finding the optimal location. CL2 is suitable for installation to ceiling, attic, or wall. Owing to its low structure, the unit fits into suspended ceilings.

· 81% efficiency at 25L/s airflows

· Can be installed to ceiling, attic or wall

· Contributes to excellent indoor climate and balanced ventilation

· Lightweight and low-structured, fits into suspended ceiling

· A stock product, quick delivery


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Product info

Control panel                CI 70/CI 78 (optional)
Automatics                    Flexit GO
Fans                              EC
Air volumes                   Supply 74dm3/s (100 Pa) Exhaust 74dm3/s (100 Pa)
Length                          1,160mm
Width                            700mm
Depth                            296mm

Weight                        58kg
Filter type                    Supply/Exhaust ePM1 55% (F7)
Duct outlets                 Ø160mm (hood connection Ø125mm)