Wireless Flexit control panel CI78

The CI 78 control panel is a wireless user interface for a ventilation system. The device lets the user switch between different operating modes on the control unit.


Flexit control panel CI 70

The CI70 is a control panel connected to the product with a cable. The CI70 has the following features: Commissioning, temperature adjustment, fan speed selection, temporary ventilation boost, home/away selection, alarm code presentation, reset of alarms.


Flexit control panel CI 60

Flexit CI 60 is a control panel with all the necessary control functions.


Flexit control panel CI 600

The CI 600 is a top model and includes many features as well as possibilities for programming the air handling unit.

High resolution colour display
Many language options, incl. Finnish, Swedish and English
Easy speed and temperature adjustment
Fault and filter replacement indicator, alarm quality indicator
Display of time, indoor and outdoor temperature
Cooling and auxiliary heating control
Versatile possibilities for adjustment and control using the panel
Additional menus for system administrator and service technician, including machine operation history