Flexit EcoNordic indoor climate central

The EcoNordic indoor climate central is especially suitable for apartments smaller than 150m2.


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Product info

The product is available in two versions. The first model has integrated ventilation and hot water production. The model is especially suitable for apartments with an independent pre-existing heating solution. It is also suitable for retrofitting purposes, to replace old ventilation equipment and hot water storage cylinder. For buildings and apartments without centralised ventilation and hot water production, the product is suitable if free space is available for its installation.

The second model is equipped with integrated heating air function in addition to the actual ventilation and hot water production. The system is a good choice for new dwellings and is able to satisfy the ventilation, heating and hot water needs of the entire dwelling.

Intelligent control with Flexit GO application

The entire indoor climate central system can be controlled and monitored using the application. The application is easy-to-use and innovative. The use of the system can be adjusted and automated to suit your personal needs in many ways, such as by utilising the application’s calendar function or by introducing humidity and carbon dioxide sensors. The application also provides information on the need to replace the filter, as well as on other maintenance issues. Maintenance personnel can be allowed online access to the system for user assistance, where required.