Heat emission plates

Our heat emission plates have been pre-grooved at the factory for 16 or 20 x 2.0mm heating pipe. The plates are easy and quick to install, and separate brackets are no longer required. The plates distribute the heat in the floor material uniformly, even if the plate installation spacing is 300mm.

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Product info

Heat emission plates are available in both galvanized and pure aluminium version. In case of wooden floors, the heat emission plate only requires 20mm of surface material on top of the plate, for example, 22mm parquet or 13mm plasterboard and 8mm laminate are sufficient as flooring.  Note the evenness of heat distribution when using heat emission plates in the attached thermal camera image!

Sizes available

  • 1000 x 120mm (aluminium) for 16 x 2.0mm heating pipe
  • 1000 x 180mm (aluminium) for 16 x 2.0mm heating pipe
  • 750 x 120mm (galvanized or aluminium) for 16 x 2.0mm heating pipe
  • Note! The heat emission plate included in the Optimal II may only be installed with a compatible Optimal II insulating plate.
  • 1150 x 270mm (aluminium) for 20 x 2.0mm heating pipe

Thermal camera image of a structure made of aluminium sheets and 16 x 2mm pipe. The image was taken at the emissivity value of 0.9. The reference emissivity in construction materials is normally about 0.9-0.95. According to the study, when using heat emission plates, the floor surface temperature was about +2.5°C warmer than without the plates.


2121016122 Heat emission plate, aluminium (for 16mm pipe) 120mm 1,000x120x0.4mm
2121016180 Heat emission plate, aluminium (for 16mm pipe) 180mm 1,000x180x0.4mm
2121020280 Heat emission plate, aluminium (for 20mm pipe) 1,000x280x0.4mm