Heating and supply pipes

Heating pipes

Enerline® heating pipes are oxygen diffusion-protected 5-layer certified PEHDRT and PEHD-Xc pipes. For protection against damage, the oxygen diffusion barrier is located inside the protective outer layer of the pipe.

Supply pipes

Our range includes plastic supply pipes within a casing pipe. The supply pipes are usually delivered to the work site in coils of specified dimensions, measured according to the site. Full coils are also available.



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Product info

5-layer heating pipe structure

Heating pipe
Oxygen diffusion barrier
Protective film (blue or white)


Heating pipes

2101012150 Enerline heating pipe 12×1.5mm
2101014200 Enerline heating pipe 14×2.0mm
2101016200 Enerline heating pipe 16×2.0mm
2101017200 Enerline heating pipe 17×2.0mm
2101020200 Enerline heating pipe 20×2.0mm
2101025230 Enerline heating pipe 25×2.3mm

Installation and supply pipes

2102028230 Installation pipe AP 28/23mm (coil 50m)
2102125230 Supply pipe 25×2.3 PE-RT in casing pipe (28.5/34.5)
2102132290 Supply pipe 32×2.9 PE-Xa in casing pipe (44/50)
2102140370 Supply pipe 40×3.7mm PE-Xa + casing pipe
2102140371 Supply pipe 40×3.7mm PE-Xa in casing pipe