Humidity sensor

The dehumidifier can be used to control the air handling unit. It can also be used to alert when humidity exceeds or falls below a set limit. The dehumidifier uses a synthetic element as the sensor medium. The synthetic element expands as the humidity increases and shrinks as the humidity decreases. These changes are transmitted to a microswitch. The setpoint button changes the position of the microswitch relative to the synthetic element. The setpoint can be between 35…95% RH. To prevent unauthorised changing of the settings, the setting button can be locked by a locking screw under the cover.



Modbus adapter

The Modbus adapter is a device that is connected between the Flexit air handling unit and the automation system, in which case data transfer takes place using the Modbus RTU and RS485 units. The automation system can be a central system of the building, by means of which the ventilation unit is connected to the control of heating and lighting, or a system that monitors and controls several air handling units centrally.



Pressure monitor

The series includes a pressure switch that automatically compensates air volumes depending on the suction caused by the motorized kitchen hood.


Fire and smoke sensor

Carbon dioxide sensor