Rainwater pipe connectors

Similarly to the pipes, the components are made of recyclable PP or PE. Waste material can be incinerated, for example, with energy waste.

Flexible angles and branches are of strength class SN8 and equipped with a long conical sleeve. The rainwater hopper is of the deep type, preventing water from splashing onto the plinth.

  • Flexible angle ø110 0-90° SN8
  • Flexible branch ø110 SN8
  • Y branch ø110/110/60° SN8
  • Extension sleeve ø75, ø110
  • Seal ø110-630 (for rigid pipe)
  • Seal ø110 (for flexible pipe)
  • Inspection well Black ø315mm x 1m with connections (3×110), includes plastic cover
  • Blank cover ø315
  • Drain inspection well bottom element 315mm
  • Rainwater hopper 315mm with ø110 outlet
  • Down pipe gutter 315/110
  • Down pipe gutter package 500/400 with ø110 outlet
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