Single room ventilator Roomie One Wifi

Roomie One Wifi provides balanced ventilation with heat recovery in single rooms. Stale indoor air is exhausted through a heat exchanger that recovers the heat before the fan. Cold supply air is warmed up, filtered, and supplied to the room. The unit switches between supply and exhaust air every 70 seconds. By installing two such single room ventilators, you will achieve continuous balanced ventilation in the room. With integrated WiFi, several single room ventilators can be connected and controlled using an Android/iOS application. This means that installation is very simple and cabling is not required for control. An electrician is not required, since the single room ventilator is supplied with assembled cable and plug. During warm periods, the ventilator can be set to ventilation mode for ventilation without heat recovery. Roomie One Wifi is equipped with filter warning, humidity sensor, and timer function.


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