Spiral ducts

Lindab Safe products can be used to assemble a complete duct system consisting of circular ducts, fittings and silencers. The system is based on a double, factory-installed seal made of EPDM rubber, which makes the system quick and easy to mount. The Lindab Safe duct system is type approved to tightness class D.


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Spiral duct SR

Circular spiral duct. Ducts are always produced locally and can therefore have different thicknesses and other specifications per country. Can also be supplied with the Click function.


Product brochure SR (pdf)

Capped spiral duct SRT

Circular spiral duct, capped. The ducts are always manufactured locally, which means that there may be small differences from country to country, for example, in material strength and other properties. No Click function as standard. Also available with Click function.


Product brochure SRT (pdf)

Sauna duct SKA

The sauna duct SKA is a telescopic rectangular duct with round connections at both ends. The sauna duct is installed into wall structure. Sizes available Ø100-125mm.

Length 1,400-2,400mm
Width 140mm
Height 40mm


Product brochure sauna duct (pdf)