Tulvari 1200 – technical room/closet floor

  • The protective tray functions as the floor of a technical room/closet.
  • The tray is connected to a drain outlet, which gathers possible leaks and condensed water.
  • The solid structure facilitates heat source installation prior to casting the floor, which means fewer visits to the site!
  • A tidy and safe result in one go, with no need for raised concrete platforms or additional waterproofing.
  • Manifolds are installed horizontally, which makes installation easier.
  • Penetrations: Main water line, ground loop pipes and garage feeds can be introduced on the level of the back edge, 12

Penetrations for 34mm casing, front edge 44 penetrations for 10-28mm and back edge 30 penetrations for 10-28mm underfloor heating or domestic water pipes

  • Weight: 26.5kg, dimensions 1200×600mm


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