Tulvari EK-1000

Floor unit for a 1,000mm wide cabinet

The Tulvari EK-1000 protective tray is installed inside the floor during preparations for concrete casting. The unit houses the supply pipes for domestic water and heating running between apartments, with branches for each apartment’s manifold. The tray is installed in the plinth space of a hall cabinet or at the back of a walk-in closet.


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Product info

  • for max. 5-port underfloor heating manifolds
  • waterproof frame
  • plywood lid for spray protection during construction
  • domestic water gaskets for 25-28mm casing
  • underfloor heating gaskets for 16-20mm pipe
  • supply pipe gaskets for 25-68mm casing
  • optional drain connection
  • leak alarm (battery or 12V power supply)

Standard delivery content pre-installed and supported:

  • apartment water meters (hot and cold)
  • domestic water manifolds with 15mm PEX connectors
  • supply pipe PEX connectors (heating and domestic water)
  • brass branches and elbows

Dimensions: 970x540x230mm