Viessmann Vitocal 222-S Split

An affordable air to water heat pump

Air to water heat pump in power classes: 2.4-14.7kW, hot water storage cylinder capacity: 210 litres, – affordable split heat pump


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Product info

Benefits in brief:

  • Silent indoor and outdoor units in terms of noise emitted to surrounding environment
  • Flexible outdoor unit installation options (upright, wall mounting)
  • Compact indoor unit
  • Integrated 210L storage water heater for hot domestic water production
  • Optimal utilisation of energy extracted from outdoor air
  • Energy efficiency rating: Rated thermal output 3.0-5.6kW A++/ A+*, Rated thermal output: 7.7-9.06kW: A++/ A++*

Compact air to water heat pump Vitocal 222-s is an affordable heat source for detached house construction

Vitocal-222-s is a split air to water heat pump in which refrigerant flows between the outdoor and indoor unit. The Vitocal 222-S unit can be used as a heating system only or for both heating and cooling. During the warm summer months, the heat pump keeps the room temperature comfortable. Fan coil units or a cooling battery in ventilation equipment can be used for cooling.


Intuitive, easy-to-use, intelligent: with Vitotronic automatics, the heating system can be adjusted quickly and accurately.

Compact size

The timelessly shaped indoor units are only 600mm wide and can be installed close to living quarters, into a utility room, for example. The outdoor unit can be installed vertically or wall-mounted.

Perfectly compatible product components: System technology

“The whole is more than the sum of its parts.” In keeping with this principle, Viessmann does not merely offer individual heating components complying with Viessmann’s high standards for quality, reliability and efficiency. Equivalent products are combined into assemblies where all of the parts fit together. The entire production potential of innovative state-of-the-art technology can be utilised only if the integrated system components fit together perfectly. Viessmann’s system technology includes everything required from a reliable heating system.

Vitotronic controller with wireless remote control and high-performance Vitocell hot water storage cylinders to ensure the sufficiency of hot water and heating energy.