Heatco was awarded quality and environmental certificates


Audits for both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifications were performed at Heatco at the beginning of the year. Both quality and environmental matters were well organized. Heatco’s ambition is to be a pioneer in its own field and concept, which is why continuous development in every area is an essential part of the company’s goals. Regular external and impartial audits are check points where the company’s ability to raise its performance level is checked.

Good quality is the foundation stone on which the whole operation is easier to build. Quality must cover all operational levels and must be measured regularly in order to know how to pay deeper attention to areas of development. The level of requirements and regulations that take into account the construction environment are increasing all the time. The environmental certification is proof that Heatco strives to develop its operations in the direction of sustainable development and carbon neutrality.

A good example of considering the environment, and what’s more, quality, is Heatco’s way of reducing unnecessary logistics costs and transport kilometers for products. When the products are transported directly from the manufacturer to the construction site without intermediate warehouses, time and money are saved. The unloading and loading volumes will also decrease and the emissions caused by the transport equipment will decrease. In addition to everything, the maintenance costs of the mentioned intermediate warehouses are saved, which increases competitiveness in product pricing.

The certification also requires Heatco to become familiar with the product manufacturing process and the manufacturer’s ability to meet current requirements from a quality and environmental perspective. Certification is a sign that Heatco wants to take responsibility for its own or represented products and their origin, so our customers can also trust that these things are in order.

Heatco will continuously develop its quality and environmental issues.

Jari Kirsilä


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ISO 9001 is one of the most well-known quality standards in the world. It is used as a management tool and to ensure the uniformity of operations. The standard shows customers and partners that the company’s processes, such as working methods, decision-making and responsibilities, have been defined and documented.

ISO 14001 is the world’s best-known international environmental system model. With the help of the environmental system, the organization systematically takes environmental issues into account in all its activities. A functioning environmental system helps to identify and reduce harmful environmental effects and save costs. At the same time, the environmental system improves occupational safety.