Release: Heatco Finland Oy and AirExet Oy merge


In the photo, from left to right, Jari Kirsilä CEO of Heatco, Ari Herranen CEO of AirExet and Tero Lahtinen CEO of Heatco.

Heatco Finland Oy and AirExet Oy have entered into a business deal, in which Heatco Finland Oy buys the entire business of AirExet Oy. With the resulting transaction, the properties of two successful companies in the HVAC industry were combined on March 7, 2022.

When the businesses merge, eight HVAC designers will be joining Heatco Finland Oy. AirExet Oy’s Lahti office enables Heatco Finland Oy even better opportunities for HVAC planning in the Lahti region. After the business transaction, Heatco Finland Oy has a total of 53 employees working in eight offices around Finland.

“Heatco and AirExet are familiar with each other, so this is a natural continuation of our deepened cooperation over the years. At Heatco, we have a strong desire to continue our current growth, which is further strengthened by this transaction. AirExet brings even more expertise and resources to Heatco for growth. With this, Heatco’s LVIAS design turnover will increase and our customer base will expand. We know AirExet as a company very well and we know the excellent professionalism of the employees. It’s a privilege to have them as our colleagues and part of our work community”, says Jari Kirsilä, CEO of Heatco Finland Oy.

“Merging with Heatco enables access to a rapidly growing national company. Heatco’s broad concept creates an opportunity for us to take part in changing the HVAC industry. AirExet’s and Heatco’s customers will benefit from an even wider range of services as a result of the merger,” commented Ari Herranen, CEO of AirExet Oy.
AirExet Oy

AirExet Oy is an engineering firm specialized in HVAC design, founded in 2010 in Lahti. With years of experience, AirExet has made HVAC plans from single-family houses to large locations. AirExet’s customers are HVAC contractors, property managers, housing associations, construction companies, building factories and private home builders.

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AirExet Oy

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