Kitchen hoods and fans

Kitchen hoods and fans

Automatic air volume compensation

In Finland, the houses are airtight. Use of a kitchen hood results in a pressure drop in the building, which can be harmful to the building’s structures and cause other problems. The vacuum generated leads to compensation air intake from the best accessible source in the apartment, in the worst case from the fireplace, for example.

The kitchen hood can be combined with a Flexit air handling unit and the air extracted by the hood from the building can be replaced in a controlled manner by momentary change of the running speed of the Flexit air handling unit’s fans. Automatic air volume compensation is implemented using a pressure sensor. The pressure sensor is an advantageous Flexit accessory.

In case of Flexit E kitchen hoods, air volume compensation takes place automatically and no pressure sensor is required. In addition, check out the Flexit K2R air handling unit. The K2R is a combination unit that includes both an energy-efficient ventilation machine and a kitchen hood.

Automatic air volume compensation can also be used with Flexit central vacuum cleaners.