Floor and wall centres


The development of protective trays for water systems commenced already in early 2000s. The company started out as a one-man business, from which the story of the Tulvari brand began. Tulvari aims to become Finland’s leading manufacturer of HVAC wall and floor units. Tulvari has expanded its product range with HVAC units, kitchen products and horizontal manifold cabinets.

Floor and wall centres

Tulvari has become a concept in construction

The products developed together with our customers have gained a strong foothold among professionals. Tulvari constantly develops the HVAC industry with new product innovations to achieve the smoothest possible implementation and safe results. Tulvari products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Floor units

Using the HVAC floor units developed in co-operation with the customers, the heating and domestic water systems of terraced houses can be quickly completed even before the concrete is cast. Our products are the key to avoiding lots of unnecessary work and site visits during installation. In addition, the space taken up by HVAC equipment in apartment design is reduced.

Wall units

Using Tulvari wall units, the heating and domestic water systems of apartment and terraced buildings can be efficiently implemented in a small space. The wall units can be installed onto the wall surface or between frame posts. The units are powder-coated white and include a leak detector plate. The wall units are pre-equipped with domestic water and heating manifolds according to the designs. In addition to the length of the manifolds, the price of the wall units depends on the size of heating conduit connections.