Enerline® underfloor heating system

Enerline® underfloor heating system

Energy-efficient comfort

A high-quality and reliable choice

Water circulation-based Enerline® underfloor heating is the result of our own product development and productisation. Enerline underfloor heating is a high-quality certified warranty product suitable for installation at both renovated and new sites and in almost all structural solutions. Owing to its good quality and price competitiveness, it has gained popularity all over Finland and the market is growing strongly.

Enerline® underfloor heating is an energy-efficient heating system that produces uniform heat in the room, bringing more comfort to your daily life. Because of the even heat output, the indoor temperature can be lowered as compared to spot-like radiator heating, thereby saving on heating costs.

Precise and individual design

Enerline underfloor heating is always implemented based on individual design. Piping is specified room-specifically according to the customer’s needs. In addition to the living areas, underfloor heating can be easily expanded to storerooms or garages or even used for outdoor defrosting purposes.

In addition to the piping diagram, Enerline always supplies an adjustment value table to ensure adequate water flow rates for each piping circuit. Proceeding from the adjustment value table, the manifold flow rates can also be balanced.

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Alternatives for the future

Water-based underfloor heating is independent of the system used for heat generation, which means that in the future, you can switch to rapidly evolving energy and environment-saving systems.

You can choose the option you consider most suitable as the heat source, such as district heating, ground source or air to water heat pump, solar energy, oil, gas, wood, pellets or wood chips, perhaps even electric heating.

Typical application sites of our underfloor heating systems:

  • detached houses and cottages
  • semi-detached and terraced houses
  • industrial facilities, halls and warehouses
  • multi-family and apartment buildings
  • commercial real estate, offices, shopping malls and stores
  • care homes and services buildings
  • defrosting and cooling


All components, pipe sizes and threads used in the Enerline underfloor heating system are standard products used extensively across Europe. The manufacturer grants a ten (10) year warranty to the heating pipes.