Kermi heating radiators and convectors

Kermi heating radiators

Kermi has been developing and manufacturing heating components in Germany for six decades. Today, Kermi is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers in the field. Kermi’s quality control is carried out seamlessly, all the way from product development to final inspection.

Kermi heating radiators and convectors

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Therm-X2® – innovative heating technology with quality guarantee

Therm-X2® is Kermi’s innovative, energy-saving panel radiator that meets the requirements of future heating. Owing to its patented X2 technology, it is suitable for use with modern, energy-efficient heat sources, such as heat pumps and solar heating systems. The system’s operation is especially efficient in case of low-temperature district heating networks. Therm-X2® offers optimal heat transfer and maximum comfort in the premises.

The optimised flow in X2 radiators reduces energy consumption by up to 11%, produces significantly more comfortable radiant heat, and warms up even 25% faster as compared to traditional radiators.

Living comfort and energy efficiency

The thermal comfort of the real estate affects many areas of life. Adequate temperature and thermal comfort are of key importance to the living comfort of both new buildings and old, renovated buildings. The durable, environment-friendly and energy-saving heating products made by Kermi ensure that you also make the right choice for the environment.



Advantages of the Therm-X2® technology

Superior comfort

  • The average front panel temperature remains high
  • Efficient under any circumstances
  • The thermal image illustrates the predominance over a regular radiator

High efficiency

  • Lower average wall panel temperature
  • Up to 11% energy savings as compared to a conventional steel panel radiator
  • The X2 technology ensures optimal flow distribution between the panels.

Suitable for any circumstances

  • Usable with all heat sources
  • Wide range of size and colour options
  • Several installation methods options

Maximum safety

  • Innovative fastening technology fully compliant with VDI 6036 requirements