Microflex pre-insulated pipes


Microflex products are manufactured by Watts Insulation, a company founded in 2011. The product range of Watts Insulation is known for its versatility and quality on the global level. The Watts group employs more than 2,000 people worldwide.

Microflex pre-insulated pipes

The Microflex® flexible plastic piping system is top of the class

Microflex® is a flexible pre-insulated plastic piping system – a modern and affordable method for conveying any liquids at temperatures below 95ºC. The Microflex® product family includes pre-insulated pipes, connectors, branch and extension packages, and branching chambers (connection vaults).

Microflex® can be used, for example, in heating piping, food industry, domestic water piping, cooling systems, district heating distribution, chemical transfer lines, swimming pools, and many special solutions.

First-rate properties

Flexible pipe

The highly flexible pipe can be bent at sharp angles and does not require immediate covering to stay in place during the installation phase. Quick and easy installation saves time.

Superior insulation material

Owing to the material’s closed-cell structure, it does not become soaked with water and retains its excellent insulation properties. The insulation product is made of cross-linked polyethylene.

All the necessary accessories

End protectors and caps, extension packages.

Protective shell structure

The unique double-layer structure of the shell prevents cracks occurring in conventional pipes because of even small surface scratches.

Branching chambers and insulated T-branches

All pipe sizes fit into the same innovative branching chamber. Only the connections to be used are opened, keeping the chamber leak-tight.

Easy to install

Connections can be quickly made even in tight spaces without special tools. The clean surface of the shelled pipe allows a high-quality connection.

Wide range of connectors

Connectors are equipped with a long thread for high tensile strength and durability. Extensive connection options. 18-160mm.

Cut-to-size pipes

We supply pipes of desired length. The coil size is 100m.

Application examples

Microflex offers a complete solution, including a range of auxiliary accessories. The Microflex product family includes everything required for building an insulated pipe network.

Our experienced and professional personnel will be happy to assist you in selecting the appropriate products for each application and help with project dimensioning and the related thermodynamic calculations.