PEX pipes

PEX pipes


PEX-c 15×2.5mm and 18×2.5mm domestic water pipes are enclosed in blue and red 23/28 casing pipes. The pipes come in 50m and 75m coils.

Manifolds and compression fittings

Domestic water manifolds are made of zinc loss-resistant special brass. Manifolds are available in 1, 2, 3, and 4 parts, and the delivery includes a PEX connector suitable for the pipe and a CC50 wall bracket. The manifold end is ¾” SK.


Wall boxes

A wall box is wall-mounted for domestic water pipe connection. We have wall boxes for 15mm and 18mm pipes in our range. The inner part of the wall box is an angle connector of special brass equipped with ½” x 15 or ½” x 18 PEX connector. The frame part is made of plastic.

Membrane expansion vessel rack

The membrane expansion vessel rack can hold a standard 25-litre membrane expansion vessel. The length of the rack is 280mm and it is compatible with a standard 25-litre expansion vessel. Racks with 1.5 or 3.0 bar safety valves are available in stock.

Cooling pipe

Insulated PEX-a cooling pipe inside a casing pipe. Stock sizes include 18×2.5 and 22×3.0.